INTERNATIONAL: USS Eisenhower’s 4 Months at Sea Amidst Houthi Missiles and Emerging Maritime Threats


BOARD THE USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (AP) — Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D.

Eisenhower and its accompanying warships have endured an uninterrupted four-month stint at sea, defending against ballistic missiles and airborne attack drones launched by Iranian-backed Houthis. Now, they face an additional threat: swift unmanned vessels traversing the waters, posing a new challenge to their defenses.

The Houthis have previously deployed unmanned surface vessels (USVs) against Saudi coalition forces in Yemen’s civil war. They recently directed these USVs toward U.S. military and commercial targets in the Red Sea, marking a significant escalation. The Navy has scrambled to intercept multiple USVs since January 4, including one incident as recent as Wednesday.

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Rear Adm. Marc Miguez, commander of Carrier Strike Group Two, expressed concern over the emerging threat posed by USVs. “It’s a more elusive threat that lacks extensive intelligence coverage, potentially carrying significant lethality,” Miguez explained. “We have limited insight into their USV capabilities, similar to the challenges posed by unmanned aerial vehicles controlled by the Houthis.”

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Houthi missile

The Eisenhower and its fleet have been patrolling the area since November 4, with accompanying ships stationed even earlier in October. Throughout these months, the carrier’s complement of fighter and surveillance aircraft has maintained relentless vigilance, intercepting missiles and drones fired by the Houthis across strategic maritime chokepoints, including the Bab-al-Mandeb strait and the Gulf of Aden. F/A-18 fighter jets from the carrier are frequently deployed to neutralize detected missile sites preemptively.

To date, the carrier strike group, comprising the cruiser USS Philippine Sea, destroyers USS Mason and Gravely, and additional U.S. Navy assets such as the destroyers USS Laboon and USS Carney, has executed over 95 intercepts of drones and anti-ship missiles, along with more than 240 self-defense strikes on over 50 Houthi targets.

Capt. Marvin Scott, commander of the carrier air wing, emphasized the group’s proactive stance: “We maintain constant surveillance on the activities of Iranian-backed Houthis. When we identify military threats to merchant vessels, we swiftly and precisely neutralize them to safeguard maritime traffic.”

Despite these efforts, the evolving USV threat remains a cause for concern, as noted by Rear Adm. Miguez. “The prospect of unmanned surface vessels laden with explosives, moving at high speeds, presents a daunting scenario. Without immediate intervention, the situation could rapidly deteriorate,” Miguez cautioned.

The relentless pace of operations has taken a toll on sailors, acknowledged Capt.

Christopher “Chowdah” Hill, commander of the Eisenhower. With no breaks or port calls in four months, maintaining morale is paramount. The ship facilitates connectivity with loved ones back home through Wi-Fi access, providing a vital lifeline for sailors separated from their families. Hill recounted a poignant moment: “I witnessed a sailor teleconferencing with their newborn baby on the mess decks. It’s moments like these that underscore the significance of our mission and the sacrifices made by our crew.”



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