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LOKSABHA ELECTION : Assessing Sonal Patel’s Potential to Challenge Amit Shah in BJP Stronghold

Amit Shah VS Sonal Patel

Gandhinagar Election : In the upcoming Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Election of 2024, the stage is set for a riveting political clash as the Congress nominates Sonal Patel to challenge the BJP stronghold represented by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who is seeking re-election. Renowned as a key battleground in Gujarat politics, Gandhinagar will witness an intense showdown as Sonal Patel endeavors to disrupt the BJP’s long-standing dominance in the region. With both contenders gearing up for a heated electoral contest, the constituency anticipates a captivating display of political fervor that is sure to capture the nation’s attention.

Who exactly is Sonal Patel?

Sonal Patel serves as the Congress co-incharge of Maharashtra and boasts a distinguished tenure as the former president of Gujarat Mahila Congress. A trained architect by profession, Patel has also held the position of president within the Gujarat Congress women’s wing, showcasing her deep-rooted involvement in party affairs. Hailing from a political family, her father, Ramanbhai Patel, was a notable Congress leader who also chaired the Standing Committee of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, further underscoring her familial ties to the party’s legacy.

Results of Lok Sabha Elections in 2019 and 2014

In the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, BJP leader Amit Shah secured victory for the first time with an impressive margin of 5,57,014 votes. Shah garnered 8,94,624 votes, commanding a substantial vote share of 69.58%. His closest rival, Congress candidate Dr CJ Chavda, managed to accumulate 3,37,610 votes, representing 26.26% of the total votes. The overall valid votes polled amounted to 12,84,090.

Turning to the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, BJP stalwart and former Deputy Prime Minister Lal Krishna Advani clinched victory for the sixth consecutive time. Advani received 7,73,539 votes, capturing a significant vote share of 68.03%. His main opponent, Congress candidate Kiritbhai Ishvarbhai Patel, garnered 2,90,418 votes, securing a vote share of 25.54%. Advani outpaced Patel by a remarkable margin of 4,83,121 votes. The total valid votes cast in this election stood at 11,35,495. Additionally, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate Rituraj Mehta secured the third position with 19,966 votes, constituting 1.76% of the total valid votes.